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What is Home Management?

Home management is exactly that!

We take care of your home. We do/recommend services and standard maintenance that is supposed to be performed.

Over years, we have seen homeowners neglect their home which costs them a ton of money.
We take care of the  standard maintenance you know of and can’t get to. We also take care of the things you may not know needs to be performed.

Homeowners hire us on an annual basis. We provide an exact cost for a flexible maintenance plan.  Most packages include annual services, monthly services and weekly services.

Package pricing starts at $.90 per Square Foot.

For a full list of services see the Unique Services Home Management document.
Below is some of the service we offer:

Annual Services

  • Annual Inspection by a professional independent inspector

  • Annual HVAC Inspection, Diagnostic service and chemical cleaning

  • Annual Energy Efficiency Inspection

  • Roof Inspection

Monthly services:

  • Visual inspection by Unique Services authorized agent

o Damaged windows
o Separated foundation
o Brick/mortar cracks
o Missing shingles
o Insect and rodent infestation
o HVAC drain line blockage
o Landscape hydration and erosion
o Perimeter security

  • Removal and replacement of expired interior and exterior light bulbs

  • Removal and replacement of 30 day HVAC return air filters (does not include allergen filters)

  • Remove dust and debris from external HVAC system

  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detection equipment (replace batteries as needed)

  • Tighten door and cabinet hardware (if possible)

  • Lubricate door and cabinet hardware

  • Tighten plumbing fixtures (if possible)

  • Tighten bathroom wall fixtures (does not include sheetrock repair)

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